You may book and charge your breakfast at coffee shop WINKLER – which is just a walk across the street – directly to your room. You have nine different variations of breakfasts to choose from.

    1) Breakfast buffet

    Bread and pastries, ham, cheese, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, butter, spread, jam, honey, Nutella, yogurt, vegetables, fruits, orange juice and hot drinks (A, G, H, N, O)

    € 13,90

    2) Good morning breakfast

    1 piece of pastry, organic butter, 1 jar of jam and 1 hot drink (A, G, N)

    € 4,40

    3) Baker's Breakfast

    2 pieces of pastries, organic butter, 1 jar of jam, ham, cheese and 1 hot drink (A, G, N, O)

    € 7,20

    4) Winkler Breakfast

    2 pieces of pastries, 1 croissant, organic butter, 1 jar of jam, ham, cheese, cream cheese, 1 soft-boiled egg, 1 glass of orange juice and 1 hot drink (A, C, G, N, O)

    € 11,20

    5) Fitness Breakfast

    Rye wholemeal bread from our bakery, organic butter, honey, organic cereal (with milk or yoghurt), 1 glass (0,2 l) freshly squeezed orange juice and 1 hot drink (A, G, N)

    € 9,20

    6) Cheesy Morning

    1 ficelle, organic butter, a fine selection of cheese, 1 glass of Chi-KARO-BA (carrot, orange, banana, apple-all freshly pressed) with chia seeds, 1 hot drink (A, G, N)

    € 12,80

    7) Farmers Breakfast

    1 slice of OPA JOHANN BREAD, 1 roll, organic butter, 3 scrambled eggs with crispy bacon, 3 small saussages, grilled tomatoes and 1 hot drink (A, C, G, N)

    € 10,30

    8) Salmon breakfast

    Toasted bread, organic butter, salmon, honey mustard, 8-herb-scrambled eggs, avocado, 1 hot drink (A, G, L)

    € 11,80

    9) Children's breakfast

    1 croissant, organic butter, nutella, hot chocolate (A, G, H)

    € 3,60

    Allergen information according to the code: A Cereals containing gluten, in particular wheat (such as spelled and Khorasan wheat), rye, barley, oats or hybrid strains thereof, and products thereof B Crustaceans and products thereof C Eggs and products thereof D Fish and products thereof E Peanuts and derived products F Soybeans and derived products G Milk and derivatives thereof (including lactose) H Nuts, in particular almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia or Queensland nuts and products derived therefrom L Celery and products derived therefrom Mustard and derived products N Sesame seeds and derived products O Sulfur dioxide and sulphites to be calculated for products which are ready for consumption or returned to their original state according to the manufacturer's instructions P Lupines and d araus products R Molluscs and products thereof.

    Free Wi-Fi at breakfast! Password: opajohann


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